About Us

brookenjack is inspired by the unconditional love families and dogs have for each other.  We are a family business that started in Fairhaven, MA, a small town on the south coast of Massachusetts.  we currently live in Conway, NH located in the beautiful White Mountains.  We live here with our two children and our chocolate lab, olive.

Olive has a charming personality and a small stature for a lab, but she’s no push over.  olive is a tug-of-war champion winning more matches than just about anyone that has accepted her challenge.  She is quick and efficient at destroying every toy that crosses her path and also enjoys a “little” backyard destruction. you’ll see her throughout our website and in our blog.  she’s our top model…even the dog in our company logo resembles our sweet girl.

We love our pets.  they are part of the family and we treat them accordingly and we know we’re not alone.

we create dog products…for the love of dogs.